Please help beta test Caddy 0.8 - fully automated HTTPS

Okay. This isn’t really a “release” yet but… Caddy 0.8 beta is ready for developers to preview:

Your feedback as Go programmers is especially valuable. Caddy can now be used as a library in your Go programs, so I hope at least somebody here will try it. :smile:

With this version, your sites are automatically served over HTTPS.

I want to know how it goes for you – both the bad and the good. :innocent:

This beta is not a production-ready release, but please try it on unimportant sites. I am running it in production currently and things are working as expected.

Please be sure to read the notes in the release I linked to, since it contains important information about the Let’s Encrypt support / automatic HTTPS, graceful restarts, and embedding Caddy in your own programs.



Looking forward to giving this a whirl. The https especially. Nice.

I’ve just deployed beta 2, which fixes some bugs… nothing too major, but everyone using the beta should upgrade anyway. The binaries on the release page have been updated or you can pull the latest source from master.

The binaries have just been updated for beta 3. This update brings more refinements, better logging, and a few tricky bug fixes. All known relevant bugs have been fixed at this time… please report them if you encounter more!

At this point I think all we’re really waiting on – except for handling new issues – is for Let’s Encrypt to enter general availability.

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