Playground server error on share

I have been learning Go by writing code in Playground. In the last 2 days I have experienced a failure in attempting to share the url of the page. With several different code pieces in the range of 88 to 158 lines, when I click the blue Share button a light grey transparent overlay appears with an “ok” window and the message “Server error; try again.”.
Retries have been unsuccessful.
No problems with shorter code but the size boundary seems variable.
If there is a limit on code size in Playground please document it pretty boldly. It is disconcerting to suddenly discover yourself to be unable to save work.

I am not sure whether the maintainers of the playground are watching this forum. I would try the Go-dev mailing list ( According to the playground’s About text, the playground authors listen there.

Thanks very much. I will follow up as you suggest.

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