Pixel graphics window project

Hi All,
I’m new to Go and currently working on a project to create a bare bones graphics engine to gain some more experience and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a lime time.
So far I have a bare GUI window up that shows some basic rendering in a pixel buffer, this should work on platforms that can use Go.

Anyway, it’s only early days on this project and if anyone is interested they can have a look at https://github.com/MickDuprez/go-window

My goal is to make this a useful step by step learning resource for others like me who want to learn the very basics of rendering images from the ground up rather than using a pre-built engine. Once I get this to a use-able point I will be adding further sections on creating basic lines and shapes then it’s on to transformations, cameras etc. as time permits.
As I mention in the README files, the API isn’t that intuitive when coming from a win32 background so I may be going about this all wrong and I’d really appreciate any comments, suggestions or changes to improve the code base to help with best practices and possible performance hurdles.

Thanks for your time,

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