Peer Review, "The Go Programming Language"

I am not the OP, but saw this on reddit:

Hey Go Programming Devs:

My name is Brad Yale.

Without beating around the bush, I work for Pearson Education on their tech/photography side as a community specialist representing a good portion of their programming (android, iOS, Windows, game dev etc.) & photography (digital, photoshop, lightroom) titles/content.

Currently I am looking for interested Go Programmers to peer review Alan A. A. Donovan & Brian W. Kernighan’s “The Go Programming Language” for Amazon.

The InformIT product page is here:

The Amazon product page is here:

How the Program Works:

I would send the title to you for free (either soft cover or e-pub) and all I would ask in return is:

A truthful Amazon review of the title within 45 - 60 days of receipt. A note on reviews: We want the reviews to be honest and comprehensive.

If you like the content, cool. If you don’t like the content, also cool. We are looking for honest reviews of content which offers a comprehensive breakdown/critique (ex. this section was great however to make the title better, it could elaborate on…".

The basic idea here is we want the content to stand on its own two feet so consumers can continue learning and authors can produce better versions. In no way shape or form will I, or anyone from Pearson, try to influence your content review.

Honesty is what matters.

Additionally, I would love the following:

Social - Some tweets, G+, Linkedin, Reddit etc. postings on the title of selection with a link pointing back to the title product page

Blog - A blog post on the title of selection with a link pointing back to the title product page

Book Review Site Post - Think B&N, Goodreads…

If this is something you would be interested in, feel free to email me at


Brad Yale Community Specialist Pearson Ed/InformIT/Peachpit


I would love to post a comment or review to Amazon. However I am informed by them that my copy will not be available until well into the New Year. Very disappointing. Three months after release looks like somebody got the logistics badly wrong.

Rgds Nigel Vickers

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You could always read a copy of Go In Action while you wait for this book. Send me an email That goes for anyone.

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Did anyone try to get a book for review? I’ve written Brad two emails, they are either lost or he is buried in emails, so I was wondering whether anyone even got a reply?

I received a reply that they have reached the maximum number of reviewers.

Ah, that’s a bummer. Thanks for the message though!

If anyone’s interested in my review

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