Partially remote (permanent) Gopher needed to help build a Facebook bot (,

First time posting so please be nice!

An exciting hospitality startup based in Soho, is looking for an excellent Golang developer to join the team in London. Remote working is an option as long as you can be in London every two weeks for sprint planning meetings.

The aim is to improve processes and optimisation across the hospitality industry, through building a Facebook bot for the app that will help customers make reservations online.

Plan, design, build and implement idomatic Go code. High quality must be maintained through code review practices, automated testing and good architecture.

Work collaboratively with a team of front end devs, python devs, a UX’er and a Data Scientist.

Substantial experience using Golang
Embrace idiomatic API design and separation of concerns
Comfortable with Git, unit-testing and continuous integration (CI)
Comfortable with PostgreSQL
Experienced in AWS
Familiar with / and bot building processes

If you’re interested or would like to know more, get in touch!

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Hi Claire,

I’ve built some 5 chatbots for Messenger using Go. They are based on my own library called Cronosbot ( Cronosbot was trained to ‘speak’ Portuguese but I can prepared it to speak ‘English’ for the interview if necessary.
Also, I’ve developed a SDK for Facebook Messenger in Go, you can find it here:
I don’t have a work visa for UK but I can travel for the sprints and work remotely.

Thanks in advance.


I can assist you with the requirement , having 3+ years experience and like to share my CV for the interview.

Please contact me at:-
ian(dot)cisin10(at )gmail(dot)com
S k y p e : cis(dot)ian



Could you share with your email address?
I have worked with Golang Web development over 3 years.
And I would like to discuss with you about this job more detail.
If you provide me your email address, I will send you my resume.