Packages in golang

I need help on how to use packages in go. I am new to go programming.

You can start by reading “Organizing Go code” (talk, article).

Are you having any specific problems?


I have main.go file in a directory called Hashing. In Hashing directory there is another directory called modulus which contains modulus.go file. In package declaration of modulus.go, i have declared “package modulus” and similarly in main.go file i have declared “package main”. Whenever i try to run main.go, it runs fine but modulus.go gives error after running as “multiple packages in go-lang”.
I tried searching abt the issue online but no luck.

So you have a directory that looks like this:

hashing/main.go (File starts with package main)

hashing/modulus/modulus.go (File starts with package modulus)

Then while you are in hashing/ you do go build. This will create a binary called hashing which you can execute with ./hashing.

Is the above correct?

Which operating system are you using by the way?

I do not understand what do you mean by modulus.go running. If modulus.go starts with package modulus then it cannot run because it is a package. Packages get used by other code that can run (like main). So in your main.go somewhere you would have a function call like modulus.FunctionName() so that main can use your modulus package.

Notice that you cannot have 2 different packages in the same folder.


Thanks nesigma, i ran go build in hashing folder and removed “package modulus” line and added “package main” in hashing/modulus.go file also. The reason it was giving error was modulus.go and main.go both were having main() function.

Only i am little bit of confused about, why package main is to be declared when i am using func main().?

@Tanmay_Shirsath, Package name is the package’s default name for imports. (All files in a package must use the same name.) Here is the link that can help you to start with Golang: :slight_smile:

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Thanks adriel

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