Package go-1.21.1

sorry, I speak very bad American
( translated with )

Hello to all

i was using go version 1.9 with package GitHub - andlabs/ui: Platform-native GUI library for Go.
I come back to it and I can’t install packages ( andlabs/ui,
mattn/go-gtk/gtk, visualfc/atk/tk … ) with go version 1.21.1

go get

but request go.mod
what do i do? need explanations, a lead
thanks in advance

j’ai eu quelques explications “ailleurs”
à priori il faut utiliser “go mod init …”
dès que je suis au point, je le met ici

You need to initialise go module in folder of your project: go mod init <name of your project> and then you will be able to download modules. Or you can also check install flag.

° go mod init test-andlabs-ui
° go mod tidy
° go get
° go run myprog.go
thank you, everything works

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