OS/User fingerprint

I try to get a “unique” string/hash to be used as hash then encrypting/decrypting strings. It will be used in scripts/jobs for access third party applications/services (that needed passwords).

I using golang for this project. But the question is not language specific.

Then I try to get a unique string for the client/user I build a string from:

  • CPU Vendor
  • CPU Family
  • CPU Model
  • Hostname
  • OS
  • UserName
  • User ID (linux: id -u, windows: whoami /LOGONID)
  • MAC Addresses

If you know witch order I reading the values it is possible to create the hash, and read the encrypted string.
But for me the alternative is to store the password in clear text as a environment variable or in a text-file.

Is this a bad idea? Any suggestions for other solutions?

// Micke

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