ORM MySql Connection Error

I am use beego framework. I am getting the error "Must have one register DataBase alias nameddefault "in ORM mysql connection

create this file for your model, get the commands sql and execute in your database.


package model

import (

//create database orm_test;
//create table user ( id integer primary key, name varchar(255), profile_id integer );
type User struct {
	Id          int
	Name        string
	Profile     *Profile   `orm:"rel(one)"` // OneToOne relation

//create table profile ( id integer primary key, age integer, user integer );
type Profile struct {
	Id          int
	Age         int16
	User        *User   `orm:"reverse(one)"` // Reverse relationship (optional)

func init() {
	// Need to register model in init
	orm.RegisterModel(new(User), new(Profile))

the file main


package main

import (
	_ "github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql"

func init() {
	orm.RegisterDriver("mysql", orm.DRMySQL)
	orm.RegisterDataBase("default", "mysql", "root:123456@/orm_test?charset=utf8")

func main() {
	o := orm.NewOrm()
	o.Using("default") // Using default, you can use other database

	profile := new(model.Profile)
	profile.Age = 30
	profile.Id = 1

	user := new(model.User)
	user.Profile = profile
	user.Name = "slene"
	user.Id = 1


execute the main file

go run main.go


0 <nil>
0 <nil>
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Change the code only with your name of package “golangbridge/2/model” and your access for your database.

thank you for your help

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