Options for debugging Go

As I’m getting a little more adventurous with Go I’m finding myself hitting scenarios where I need to debug. I am using tests to help me in most situations, but now I have hit a wall.

I can see there is Delve for Intellij, but I cant seem to get it to run from my test configuration. Can you guys recommend anything else?

Judiciously placed fmt.Printfs. Yes, really. :wink:


Whilst I appreciate thats a valid approach, and one I have used extensively, I need something more pragmatic. I am working with extremely large strings, and the command line buffer is getting hammered. Not to mention my poor little brain can’t cope with all that information. At least with debugging I can process the information in bite-sized chunks.

Take a look at cgdb here is a nice video how process looks like.

Whilst cgdb looks really great, it doesnt seem to allow debugging from tests.

i used Delve with LiteIDE and VSCode and works good.

+1 - Visual Studio Code + Delve works great. you can also debug tests.

Go has forced me to write more test driven code :smile: , a good thing in the long run…
Debugger options:
github.com/mailgun/godebug if you prefer command line debugging
github.com/derekparker/delve + Visual Studio Code if you prefer IDE style debugging

I do like the support of an IDE, but I did use Atom for a long time with Dash. I will see how VS compares to IDEA, the Delve debugging with IDEA is very hit & miss.

Thanks for the recommendations :+1:

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