Opinions on Golang

What would be the advice(s) you’ll give to

  1. anyone who just picked-up ( i meant learning) Golang.

  2. anyone coming for backend dev with Golang.

  3. seeking to make a career or especially MAKE-ENDS-MEET with Golang.

Thank you.

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Go inherits much from other languages IMO. It is rather easy to learn if you have any other developer background. But the syntax of maps, slices and interfaces are still my concern. So this may be my first advice to learn for a new developer.

Look at the fullstack options using Go.

As any language. Focus on what you can do for the customer or the customer’s customers. Forget about the tool.

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Thanks for reply. About option two, I’ll say anybody coming to Golang for web is definitely doing the backend. Is Golang ever use for Frontend at all?

I remember reading something about Golang little support for GUI or anything in that sense? Are there frameworks or libraries for Frontend. Thanks.

In my experience professionally, no. There are some front-end toolkits but I’ve yet to have a project where we used it for front-end stuff because there are so many capable, established options out there such as web (Preact, Angular, Vue, etc.), Flutter, React Native, etc. That said, I HAVE used Go to build UIs for personal projects. But if you’re looking to get a job, don’t focus on Go for building UIs. Focus on building RESTful APIs.


Thanks for your helpful response. Yes, I’m all in for Backend development with Golang. Currently working on my first project. A forum webapp backend.

And jobs is really important, yes, that’s the end goal (further advancement).

If it’s not to much to ask, I would like a mentoring on this path, i know how important a a teacher can be in career path. I would like if you’ll take me. Thank you.

Well, what kind of mentoring are you looking for? You can feel free to @ me on the forum when you post and I’ll do my best to respond. I think the most important thing is: just keep moving forward and writing code. Every line of code you write, every line of somebody else’s code you read, every pull request you submit or review, will make you a better developer.

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Thank you very much.

Frontend to me is everything from React to Go templates. I am using Go html templates, which I consider “frontend”.

Basically all GUI in Angular (WordPress / Drupal etc) are libraries containing Javascript, CSS and HTML etc. All that “stuff” you can do without frameworks, but it is no magic involved and therefore harder.

Comparing Angular and Go as frameworks I found them rather similar. But Go was twice as fast when I tested. All frameworks I have tested had tons of stuff never needed creating bigger and slower applications.

IMO Go is a backend language with frontend capabilities. :slight_smile:

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If you know other languages, you can easily learn GO. The main thing is to learn with focus and implement it practically.
2- As far as I know Go is used for backend
3- GO is just like any other language, but I would say to learn more languages too. It will make you a versatile and competitive developer in the market.

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