Opinions about GORM

Hello! :slight_smile:

Does some of you used GORM in a project. Complexity does not matter.
What is your opinion about it?

Judging by Github stars is quite popular.

Thank you!

Alex Korban wrote an interesting blog post about “ORMs which attempt to reimplement SQL in their target language”. It is not specific for GORM and I am not even sure if GORM is such an ORM. But the blog post still contains interesting ideas. I am very much in favour of using modern SQL which ORMs can make difficult to do.


it is great and simple. you just need to understand how it works.

It’s a better way to handle relational database, I have used this in my own project. Only thing need to care or worried to avoid adding multiple structures for the same model either way it’s very much confusing and error prone.
Yes it’s very helpful and manageable if we implement in project from scratch with a predefined and solid architecture. I have used orms with multiple languages like PHP, python and go , this Gorm package is very much similar to them just we need to understand the package documents which is very much helpful when we implement first time with go.

… than what?

Rather than handling it with default SQL package , it will make your work lot easier.

Yes I will suggest one more thing that if you are having a good knowledge of SQL optimised queries then you should follow it else better to choose Gorm.

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