Opening Windows and external apps with Go

Hi guys, how are you?

I know some softwares using a front end as html and backend with C#, Java and another old one built with AS3/Air.

Those softwares are able to open applications, like RDP, VNC, Chrome, IE, Firefox, VLC on Windows and make them when exec to follow the size and location on screen ( x and y values like so 1920x,0y ) predetermined by the program.

How can that be achieved with Go, cgo, WinApi?

Can the frond end be built with React/Angular to call Go to open those apps? How?

The solution proposed for you would work on Windows 7,8 and 10?


Are you perhaps looking for something like RobotGo?

To connect with a JS frontend, you can write a simple HTTP server in Go that connects with the frontend through the usual means (Ajax etc).

Hi christophberger, thanks for your help.

My main concern is how to open and handle 3rd party apps.

This is the end result

The video shows a software controlling apps on a monitor wall if I am not wrong. I guess RobogGo does provide some of the functionality required for this. The standard os.Exec() call can launch an app, and RobotGo can then capture keyboard input or simulate mouse clicks and movement, capture bitmaps from the screen, etc.

Yes Chris, that’s what I would like to achieve.

I didn’t see any option on RoboGo to control the width and lenght of how the apps will open and where on the monitor, x and y position in pixels.


Indeed that’s missing. You might want to ping the author of RobotGo and ask if these features are planned, or raise an issue via the GitHub repo.

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