Official go support for wasm

Hello everyone,

does anyone knows if there is some plan for go to officially support wasm and syscall/js ?

Here is the comment on top of this package:

// Package js gives access to the WebAssembly host environment when using the js/wasm architecture.
// Its API is based on JavaScript semantics.
// This package is EXPERIMENTAL. Its current scope is only to allow tests to run, but not yet to provide a
// comprehensive API for users. It is exempt from the Go compatibility promise.

I’m pro go and I think wasm has a lot of promises and would like to go forward with application in production, not only experiemntal.


I am not aware of any promise to support wasm in the future, however it is my personal understanding that wasm is supported and will remain supported, and that it’s just the API of the syscall/js package that is not guaranteed to be stable, so they might rename functions, add/remove parameters, etc., but the ability to use wasm is not likely to go away.


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