O Go, não compila "hello world"


Por gentileza, após a instalação do Go, não consigo compilar “hello world”, poderiam me ajudar a resolver?

Meu sistema operacional é o Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

‘Launchingolamundo-olamundo’ has encountered a problem.
Executable file (/home/daniele/eclipse-workspace/olamundo/bin/olamundo) doesnt exist.

Abre essa caixa de diálogo.

Can you compile and run your program from the terminal?

cd into your sourcecode folder and do go run main.go, perhaps adjust the path to the go faile containing your main function.

Eu não entendo muito de Linux, eu fui instalando o programa, com a ajuda de outra pessoa, que no momento não está disponível, para continuar me ajudando. Eu fiz o que tu me indicou, o que está faltando?15765033231041558130239086906907|666x500

And? Did it work or do you see some error?

I tried to compile, but still, with the same error.

That one?

That really doesn’t look like an error that go run would show…

Also please try to write your posts in english, having to put them on a translator each time is tedious…

Ok, I’m already posting in English.

Are packages missing?

I don’t know, as I said that error doesn’t look like something that go run would give you out of its own.

Now it’s time to check your actual code.

How do I check this?

Please show us the actual code you want to compile as well as the exact command you try to do so and the exact error it shows you.

Also please tell us the exact name of the file you want to compile (full absolute path) as well as the full path of the working dir you want to run the compile command from.

The file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

I made a video showing what I am doing but could not upload due to extension.

The text editor is Eclipse, I don’t know if it can be interfering with the compilation.

That’s exactly why I asked you to do it on the terminal. Also no video necessary. Just use cat to get the files content on screen and then use go run to run the file. Show us full output of everything.

I do not know how to do.

You do not know how to do what?

Opening a terminal?
Using cd to navigate to the folder that contains your sources?
Running a modified to your needs go run filename?
Showing us the output of that command?
Getting a files content on screen via cat filename?

I’m happy to guide you as best as I can, but as I do not have access to your system, you will have to fill in the gaps for me, like filenames and pathes.

If you do not know how to copy and paste what you see in your terminal, thats fine, just upload a screenshot.

No. The terminal is a program that uses commands given on a prompt to do things. The “old” way. Without mouse and click. Just with keyboard.

From the screenshot it seems as if you even had one open. The black square with the silver border and the greater than sign (>).

In my opinion one should learn basic usage of the terminal and bash and not rely on IDEs to magically do the right thing.

I can open the terminal, I just can’t find a filename, I cd, then go run, I don’t know the filename, because I don’t know which file you want to see.

I can use very little terminal, I don’t know how to give commands.