Noob looking for development answers

Hi. I’m a software developer that deals mostly with proprietary ERP SQL development (Peoplesoft) and I’ve done some C and VB in the past and am looking to learn something new to develop a simple web app for personal use for my local makerspace. I hope to post something in the jobs forum at some point to get a basic web app running that I can build upon, and I’m hoping to get info here to fine tune this request.

I’ve read over the Resource guide at the top of the help forum (great resource BTW), which as a lot of good references for language basics, books and IDE’s, but some areas have me not knowing exactly where to start.

Eventually, I want to develop a database application that is web based which is essentially a way of maintaining member data and allowing members to sign in and update their data.

Many of the example vids I’ve seen are done at the prompt level, which is not my preferred environment, so the IDE’s out there are a welcome sign. Is there a current favorite that people prefer?

Also, on the database side, is there a preferred platform such as nosql, or mysql? Preferably one that has an IDE for building the tables. I’ve tried visual studio with mysql and the versioning issues are a freaking nightmare, and I think go will be simpler (assumption).

And if I’m hoping to make this a web app, do I start right on a server/cloud, or do I make it local hosted and then publish? My naivete with this platform has me concerned with the transition, especially if I plan on hiring someone to get the core app working. Though I don’t mind eventually paying for a server to host it, I was hoping to find one that is free for development, like pantheon is for drupal.

One last question… I know web/html is it’s own thing, but are there “templates” that some go modules/packages can work with as a default so I don’t have to learn to be a css guru?

Thanks in advance.

FYI, I’ve answered some of my questions. Mongo DB for .my database and VSCode for my IDE. Still curious about web templates. I’ll keep googling though

Looks like you are on the right track…

If you want to leverage your sql experience, you could try using GORM + sqlite

For web templates, I would just use the standard library. Everything you need is in net/http end encoding/json (or html/template if you prefer to do your rendering server-side).

Good luck with your journey, and have fun!

Thanks for the response. After googling, I think my terminology was incorrect. Yes, I’ll want to use the standard template, but what I maybe meant to say is “theme”. Basically, a rough structure of web page components of specific styles so I don’t have to build all of the HTML from scratch. Does that make sense, or does the standard template package do that too?

So your question is not really a Go question but more of a question about front end development.
This is not something I do in my day job or which I know much about.
But for my personal projects I use Twiter Bootstrap in order to get decent looking web pages.

In terms of the mechanics (rather than design) or a web app, there are two ways to go about it.
One is to serve a REST api which handles your data, and then write an app in some javascript
framework that talks to it and renders the data nicely in the browser.
The other is just to generate the html on the server using the html/template package.
The former allows more dynamic web pages, easier testing of the back-end, and provides an API
for fee (which you always end up needing in the end), and provides a nice separation between the
presentation and business logic layer.
The latter approach is easier to get started, and does not require messing about with javascript or grappling with its frameworks.

I would say, start simple. Get something basic working. And then iterate.
And most of all, have fun!

Great advice. I work with REST interfaces with PeopleSoft, so I’m familiar, but only within the PS framework. The latter approach would have a greater chance of me actually following through and not getting frustrated. I also agree with the start simple and expand approach. Thanks.

Take a look at Let’s Go… It will really help!

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