No Go files error message


You can see that Gopkg.lock and Gopkg.toml are in the directory. Why is it returning “no Go files in …” message?


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Because there are no *.go files in that folder.

Also the gopkg files you mention are not a product of, nor are they understood by the official go tool chain, they are part of a third party toolchain that tried to achieve something similar than today’s go nodules.

I never used any of these third party tools, and therefore can’t say which tool is that.

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Thanks for your help.

I am attempting to install openshift on an aws ec2 instance using github. Following the tutorial is whats leading me to Go.

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I’ve never installed Openshift that way.

In my company we use terraform to spin up machines as necessary and then run some ansible playbook that sets everything up (it’s an 3.x) we have not yet tried a 4.x for reasons I don’t understand. I’m not involved in that process.

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