Nine years of Go

Some thoughts after 9 years since the birth of Go Lang :slight_smile:

Sorry for wrong category, but seemed to be the most suitable


Thanks for that!

I noticed just recently that there are very few categories allowed on the forum, and there is nothing for miscellaneous things. I was looking through posts on the #community category and saw many that I really liked and found valuable, although they did not fit the official description for the category.

I’d like to see a “catch-all” category for things that don’t fit in other places, along with a setting to allow people to ignore that category if they wish. I think that would be a good way to handle it.

At least, it might be nice to have a category for news items and “heads-up” items, which people have found on websites and want to share with the forum. It might be used to pass on announcements of new Go releases or other news about Go, and share things that forum members found on some other site, or created themselves for the benefit of other Go users.


It is a good idea :slight_smile:

@jayts, an admin of this site site can create a new category. Also custom tags would be nice.

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good idea!

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