Nice way to convert `*int` to `*`?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a nice way to convert from *int to *, that works across different architectures with different word sizes?

(* fails to compile (on a x86_64 system) while I feel (* is dangerous. My current workaround involves using reflect:

var retVal int
var a
size := reflect.TypeOf(a).Size()
switch size {
case 2:
    var tmp int16
    retVal = int(tmp)
case 4:
    var tmp int32
    retVal = int(tmp)
case 8:
    var tmp int64
    retVal = int(tmp)

Now, this is ugly as heck (and doesn’t compile). And it adds a lot of touch points to my code which I’m not the best at, and I’d really rather be familiar with my code.

Any help would be fantastic!

From, you can get the size of any C type with C.sizeof_T replacing T with your type, in this case C.sizeof_int.

This will at least get rid of reflection to pick sizes.

I got something that seems to work. I only have an x86_64 to test it on and the int will be truncated or something, but it compiles and runs.


void cgocall(int* i) {
	*i = 42;


package main

// #include "calls.h"
import "C"

import (

func main() {

	var input int = 12
	log.Println(C.sizeof_int, reflect.TypeOf(input).Size())


	tmp :=
	input = int(tmp)



main.go:15: 4 8
main.go:17: 12
main.go:23: 42

Notice the sizes of the integers are different, but the conversion still worked. Please make sure it works as you expect on the systems you need to run on. I think the values will be truncated, but that could still be bad.

Yeah, turns out there is no way to do pointer-to-pointer conversion without being unsafe. It will always need a conversion from int to as they’re different types.

Oh well.

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