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Hello everybody,

I’m fairly new to Go and the forums here, so I hope I’m at the appropriate place for this.

I am writing a server with a friend for a game, in Go. We’re intending to allow extending the server by allowing users to input third party plugins. Now I’ve been looking for ways to achieve a system like this, but so far not too much success.

I’ve taken a look at the plugin package that got added as of Go 1.8, and I would love to use this, but the fact that it is only supported for Linux holds me back. I’ve also looked for other alternatives, but these all don’t seem to really seem suitable for our project. (RPC for example)

This is why I wonder if there is any news on the plugin package, and if anybody knows anything about it. I’d love to hear something about it. Again, apologies if I’m at the incorrect place for this question.

Thanks in advance!

No news as far as I am aware. Did you thoroughly check all the alternatives:

(I discuss the first three options in this blog article.)
For a game server, I guess that speed is a requirement, so the fourth option - customized builds - would seem a good fit.

The plugin package will be available on Darwin with Go 1.10.


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Thanks a lot both of you!

@christophberger, I will surely take a look in the other alternatives. I’ve done a tiny bit of research but I’ll definitely look into those other alternatives. I would also take a look at the blog article, but the link points towards the caddy style plugins as well! Haha, small mistake, no problem.

@bins, great to hear there’s some news on it! Can’t wait!

That’s good news indeed, especially as Go 1.10 Beta 1 has just been announced.

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