Newbie with gogland ide


I have installed for the first time the gogland IDE. I try to run a Hello World go file but I face some difficulties with the configuration. First, I set up the GOROOT path to C:\Go, and the Global GOPATH to C:. I then try to run the file but asks for some configuration. I really do not know what configuration to select.
Is anyone familiar with the gogland IDE? Can anyone please tell me how to set up the configuration for my HelloWorld project.
Please excuse me if I ask something obvious for you but it is the first time that I try Go programming.

Did you read the configuration, especially ?

For the beginning, a code editor and a shell are perhaps better than a full-blown IDE. IDE’s tend to hide a language’s toolchain behind fancy buttons and menus, making it difficult to work without that IDE later.

(Yes, I am biased :-))


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