New to cgo - unable to include header

OS:- windows.
Go version :- 1.11

I have written a program which uses some functions in c header file. I am getting the below error.

#go build command-line-arguments: invalid flag in #cgo CFLAGS: Files/IBM/SQLLIB


package main

// #cgo CFLAGS: -I C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB
// #cgo LDFLAGS:  -lsqllib
// #include "sqlcli1.h"
import "C"

import "fmt"

func main() {

The sqlcli1.h file is LOCATED in C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\include.
AND my code(sql.go) is LOCATED in C:\Go\programs

How to solve this Error
Thanks in Advance.

How to give the path from environmental variables

What is the use of -lsqllib that you used in LDFLAGS

When i place your code in my code it produced the following error.

C:\Users\rakhil\go\src\\ibmdb\go_ibm_db>go run sql_check.go
# command-line-arguments
In file included from C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlcli.h:989:0,
                 from C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlcli1.h:45,
                 from .\sql_check.go:5:
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1748:5: error: unknown type name '__in_ecount'
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1751:5: error: unknown type name '__out_ecount_opt'
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1754:5: error: unknown type name '__out_opt'
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1865:5: error: unknown type name '__in_ecount'
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1868:5: error: unknown type name '__out_ecount_opt'
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1871:5: error: unknown type name '__out_opt'
C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB/include/sqlext.h:1891:5: error: unknown type name '__in_ecount_opt'

specstrings.h file in sqllib/include?

I understood that it is not cgo problem. Can u know how to solve it @rot13

I checked it, The error was due to specstrings.h file in gcc. I resolved it.

Thanks @rot13

Line 4 means in the code right

-lsqllib looks for sqllib folder in the LDFLAGS path.

We have to use it if we have more than one folder in the path

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