New screencast for Gophers

Hey all -

I started a screencast that presents a short pattern, library or best practice in a 5 minute screencast once a week. My goal is to present self contained, short and useful content each week. I just posted my first one, and I’d like to hear some feedback. Be kind, as this is my very first foray into screencasting!



Nice work on the first entry. If you haven’t already, create a playlist on YT! that we can link to from the Go wiki and other places. Or, if you prefer, we can link directly to the channel page:

But you might want to customize that URL first :smile:


Thanks Jason - I’ve created a playlist for the screencasts. Also, here’s a customized URL to the channel page: in case that makes sense to put on the Wiki instead. Not sure which one is better but right now I’m only planning to put screencasts on this channel.

Anyway, at this point I’m still pretty new to actually uploading videos to YouTube and running a channel (I live in the stone age in some regards) so any other tips you have in that area would be most appreciated!

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He can only customize the URL after having 500 subscribers (and other metrics), according to the help page:

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I watched the video and have only positive feedback:

  • I was very pleased with the pace. It wasn’t boring and it wasn’t rushed.
  • I could hardly believe 5 minutes could cover so much useful content.
  • I really liked the idea of weaving in a pattern for solving problems on top of showing how to do the specific task.

My only suggestion for improvement is to keep them coming!

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Thanks Carlisia - I’ll definitely keep them coming (and keep them practical
like you mentioned)!

Also, if you have any topics you’d like to see covered, I’ve tried to make
the submission process as easy as possible:


For everyone interested - a second episode is up at


Great job Aaron! I skipped to episode two and really enjoyed the overview for creating your own API. Keep up the job work :smile:

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Thanks Luke! If you ever have stuff you want me to cover, feel free to submit them at

Also, I posted a 3rd episode just now - check it out!


Hey All - 4th episode is up:


Thanks for these Aaron. I love that you have transcripts/code available too, which should be really helpful for people learning. Good Job!

Glad to do it, I’m having fun and learning too!

Bravo. Would be great to have something similar to Laracasts but for Go.

Thanks @nmabhinandan!

I’m setting up a site now for the screencasts. It likely won’t have all the features of Laracasts at launch, but now I have a model to work toward.


New episode out is out - learn how to use Gorilla’s websockets package to write a simple chat server.

Also, @nmabhinandan I’m developing a site for Go In 5 Minutes, and have a rough version up now. I’d appreciate any feedback!

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The site is down

Apologies for that @nmabhinandan - I moved the site to

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Hey again everyone! A few announcements:

  1. As I mentioned in my reply to @nmabhinandan, I stood up a site to house summaries and YouTube embeds for all screencasts. Check out
  2. I’ve published two new screencasts since my last announcement: Building Full Stack Web Applications with Go (this has been a very popular one, with over 2000 views), and Writing Unit Tests Against HTTP Handlers


Hey everyone - episode 7 is here, and it’s about vendoring your dependencies in Go 1.5. Enjoy!

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