New member , Intermediate programmer, experienced in golang

Hi Everyone,

My name is Romit. I am new here. I would like to contribute to the open-source libraries for Golang and i am trying to get help and suggestions from anyone. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you
Romit Tajale

Hi, Romit, and welcome to the forum!

What interests you? I haven’t made many contributions to open-source projects, myself, but my contribution “workflow” tends to look something like this:

  1. I want to do x.
  2. I find a project that does x.
  3. After using the project for a while, I encounter a problem. I Google it and maybe find that other people have the problem, but I do not find a solution.
  4. I read the project’s contribution guidelines. If they’re too complicated, I find some other project that does x. Go to step #3.
  5. I clone the code
  6. I attempt to fix the problem.
  7. If I succeed, I follow the guidelines for submitting a fix (hopefully just a PR with or without a new Issue). If I fail, go to step #6 :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the response.Appreciate it.

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