New ideas for Go version change compatability issues fixing

Hello Everyone,
We have been seening many tools for golang version change compatability issues, But here i am looking for new ideas to fix the go version compatability issues, Please share your thoughts if anything in your mind. Many thnaks in advance.

Hi @VijayBattula, welcome to the forum.

I am not sure if I understand your request. What are “go version compatibility issues”? Do you have examples? What tools have you seen so far? If there are many tools already, what is missing?

@christophberger Thanks for you response,
For suppose, my project was developed on go version1.11 , Now we are planning to migrate to latest version Go version 1.21, in this case i may face different types of compatability issues. which is like Deprecation of APIs,Package Imports and Module Versioning and Deprecated Function Signatures etc. to fix this kind of issue we have some tools like gofix, go vet and golangci-lint. Here I am thinking about the new ideas and consistent approach to solve this problem.

Thanks for clarifying the scenario. But I still do not see the problem you are trying to solve. Are the current tools lacking? In what ways are the tools inconsistent? What would a new, consistent approach look like?

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