New Brand and Logo for Go

Go has a new Logo.



I Love 60’s

I for one welcome some sort of professional-looking branding. I don’t particularly care what it is, as long as it’s not just a cartoon character. The new branding looks fine to me. :slight_smile:

(The previously unveiled Go font though, I don’t like…)


Well, it’s the “brand” that wants to use. Those of us with a gopher sitting on our desk are just as happy to leave the official Go branding as it is. (If only to indicate that coding should be fun, not just “bold” speed.)

New logo looks good though I like Gopher Pet too :slight_smile:

Is it official Golang new brand or just Go forum new brand ? I like gopher too but this brand seems pretty cool :blush:

The official brand for Go. Read the blog post I’ve linked above.

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That’s great news! I hope Go’s popularity will rise with this.

No. That blog is “”; NOT “”, which is the official Go blog.

@lutzhorn hast linked to a post from official blog.

Again, just for you, hoping it will not be oneboxed…


My first thought:
a packet-service

Rest easy they say… keeping the gopher they say… but you don’t see the gopher anywhere in the new materials… which are ugly, bland. BRING BACK the gopher. Heavy handedness pushing this down everyone’s throats… the community should have had a say.

You people sure are touchy about the existence of an actual logo. It’s not like someone rounded up every gopher on earth and marched them to the guillotine.


Gopher is a fork of Go, but never change the Gopher logo


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