New blog:


Recently I started a new blog: Purpose: To get more proficient in Go by applying Go to various IT topics.
The third post is out since last Thursday.

What do you think? Is it interesting, useful, boring…? Looking forward to reading your comments!



I already was following your blog :construction_worker: :wink:

Hope you enjoy it! :joy:

I relly enjoyes the post about the basic form of neural network from your blog.

Thanks, pleased to hear that. Unfortunately, this post took way too much time to write (although I absolutely enjoyed doing it), and future posts will again be simpler and/or shorter. I hope they do stay interesting nevertheless!

I am looking forward to that. There are many topics when mixed with Go will still be interesting. I will be very pleased to hear your insight on micro services.

My personal experience with micro services have me rethink again about what it is all about. Unfortunate I’m too inexperienced , and lack the knowledge about architecture design. I just hope to pick your brain on this.

Topic “micro services” - jotted down. Go-micro and go-kit are two interesting candidates for inspection.

I think a disclaimer is due here - I am no expert on anything, and I dig into each topic just when I start creating the article. Hence most of the articles merely scratch the surface, like the Perceptron article that only looked into one single building block of a neural network rather than examining a whole multi-layer recurrent network that can predict earthquakes, the stock market, and the outcome of the next presidential elections in the U.S.

BTW, regarding micro services: Just recently, Jacob Martin posted a great article about NATS:

I understand that.

Thanks for the link to the Jacob Martin post, I think I missed it on HN.

Great blog! I really liked your Dependency Injection article. Keep it up!


The next article is overdue since a few hours - I am struggling with empty returns from RPC calls… :rolling_eyes:

Update - it is published now: https://appliedgo/plugins

There have been a couple of posts out since the last update here on this thread, but the latest one seems worth sharing here. The reason is that I did a video tutorial for the first time. It is an experiment, so I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Is it enjoyable or boring? Are 18 minutes too long? (I planned for 5-10 minutes…)

What do you think?


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Hey Christoph, I think you did a really good job especially being a first video.

Normally I would think that 18 minutes is a bit long, but after watching the video, I realize that it’s because you’ve added a lot of information and regular expressions are quite a big topic to cover anyway.

Definitely worth watching for anyone wanting to learn the basics of regex.

If you ever make a part two, some of the things that I thought were going to be difficult to learn until I actually learned them were lookaheads and lookbehinds and I’m sure they look daunting for beginners so they might find it useful :slight_smile:

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for the feedback.

You’re right, it’s mainly the topic that made the video longer than planned. I felt I could not compress the content further without omitting important parts.
For the next video I carefully selected a topic that can be explained in 5-10 minutes. :slight_smile:

I’ll add your suggestions for a second part to my topics list. Frankly, I have not planned a second part but you gave me some new ideas…

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