Nested structure can not be encode correctly

I’m doing a nested structure and try to encode it to a json string. But only the first struct is sending in the string no child is encoded to the string. Tried to print out by data.children[0], data.children[0].chilldren[0], the data seems correctly saved. What’s the problem?

type Data struct {
ID int json:"ID"
Name string json:"Name"
children []Data json:"children"

type DbData struct{
ID int mapstructure:"ID" json:"ID" gorm:"primary_key;column:ID"
Name string mapstructure:"Name" json:"Name" gorm:"primary_key;column:Name"
ParentID int mapstructure:"ParentID" json:"ParentID" gorm:"primary_key;column:ParentID"

func getChildData(Id int) Data{
var data Data
var count = 0
var dbData DbData
childdata := make([]DbData,0)
db.Where(“ID = ?”,Id).First(&dbData)
db.Where(“ParentID = ?”,Id).Find(&childdata).Count(&Count)
data.ID = dbData.ID
data.Name = dbData.Name
for i := 0; i < count; i++ {
data .children = append(data .children, getChildData(childdata [i].ID))
if count == 0 {
data.children = make([]Data, 0)


Due to the limits of reflection, all fields you want to JSONify needs to be exposed, aka start with an uppercase letter.


Thanks,. just not noticed that, it’s working.


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