Nested {{index ... }} pipelines in golang templates


I have an array of maps that I pass into a golang template. How can extract a value from a map at a given index. This is kinda what I want :

{{index {{index .Amap 123}} "akey"}}

Is there any way to do such a thing?



This should work:

{{index (index .Amap 123) "key"}}
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Absolutely brilliant… how come I couldnt find out how to do that…

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Don’t know. It is the last item from

The templating stuff is its own little language. It’s hard to put the parts into context until you need them.

The docs have a difficult job to do because they both have to teach the language and provide the reference for it.

Maybe after I finish my Guide to JSON I will tackle the template packages.


Looking forward to this guide to JSON being available :slight_smile:

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