Need suggestion on Map working for Validating the continuity counter for Pids

Hi everyone, Im completely new to Go and need to achieve the following task.

I have to validate the continuity counter for the packets of a live stream. Suppose the first packet contains PID (packet identifier) of 0 and has the CC value of 1 and the second packet is having PID 1 and CC value of 1, third packet is having PID of 0 and CC value of 2.

Packet1 PID=0 CC =1
Packet2 PID=1 CC =1
Packet3 PID=0 CC=2

so i have to validate the CC errors based on the PIDs. First packet is having PID 0 and the second packet is not PID 0 type, so i have to store that for future use and move to next packet, the third packet is having PID 0, so i have to compare the first and third packet. the difference between CC value of 3rd packet and 1st packet (Packet3 cc-packet1 cc). Please suggest me how to do this. As I said im an absolute beginner.
Looking for help. Have tried some code, but couldn’t post as its against client policy.

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