Need some guidance on the Logging liberary

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Hi All,

Looking on some guidance on the logging library which i can incorporate in my project.The requirements are

  • Logs can be directed to some file.
  • Logs should be rotated on daily basis.Name shall be configurable on the basis of date when it is rotated so that we could refer it easily.
  • Logs should be rotatable on the basis of size/number of lines of the log file.
  • It shall print the file or function name with date time apart from message we want to print.
  • Shall have logging level.

I tried using log4go “” and i am getting the messages but not really happy with the rotation part.point 2,4 are not working properly.


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i don’t know if i understood right but if i did if you didn’t tried you can try it

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also, whilst you’re looking at logs… this may be helpful :slight_smile:

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oh, logrus does logfmt format by default :wink: so yay

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