Need help with git integration

(Billy Grande) #1

HI there,

I edited because post contained some file information from my machine.

(Curtis Allyn Green) #2

GO 1.12 (git functioning with ssh cert when under GOPATH/src)
fatal: could not read Username for ‘’: terminal prompts disabled

git ls-remote -q REMOVED LINKgin-tonic/gin in /home/kevin/Code/Golang/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/0d10ab509f5acbc17de3992db710e3921350da404d7e3aa296c81405c7e5ea48: exit status 128:

Looks like the problem is with your ssh cert configuration to me. Git is failing to authenticate, but also if you go to the location of that repo it either doesn’t exist or is private so you’ll need to resolve your credential problem.

(Billy Grande) #3

Thanks Curtis…

You know what the problem was? Typo Tonic instead of Gonic on the Gin router repo DUH!

(Curtis Allyn Green) #4

Sometimes it’s the little things we overlook :slight_smile:

(Eric Lindblad) #5

‘exit status 128’ and ‘terminal prompts disabled’ error on SO