Need help setting a git server for get get

I added a go-import meta tag to my git server’s website on the repo page and it looks like

but when I try running “go get” I get an error saying ‘go: unrecognized import path “”: reading 404 Not Found’

it is probably because it is looking at is invalid) and not correct address) even though it the url is with .git in the go-import tag

You should make sure that you can access your repo, 404 means you URL somewhere are wrong or you server do not have your content.

The url should not have .git. It should contain the path you want to use in your import statement, with https:// in front and “?go-get=1” at the end. Here’s an example:


This is not a git server. I call it a go-get server. I’ve written one here: GitHub - melato/goget

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