Need help on Go Web Server on Android

I write web server using Go.

We use r.parseMultipartForm(32 <<20) to handle the file upload request, which work great on PC。

I known there is a GoMobile project which allow you run Go code on Android.So I decide to write a web server on Android.But issue comes.

The r.parseMultipartForm(32<<20) means when you upload a file smaller than 32M , It only stores tmp file in memory, not disk.When larger than 32M ,It cache tmp file on disk.This is what I known.

The issue is:when I upload a file larger than 32M to my Android phone which runs a Go Web server,it return an error like this:
open /data/local/tmp/multipart-097615123 :permission denied

I don’t know if it’s a bug .Or is there a way to change Go’s cache folder? (cause It looks like no permission)

more details on issue I post :github

This is my first post here :slight_smile:

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