Need help in structuring interactive web page

I’m pretty new at this, and through my research so far I can’t find a way to do what I want to do. Perhaps someone could give me some suggestions about how to structure this program. In concept, it is as follows: I have a GO webserver. It sends (let’s say) 5 blank square boxes to the client browser, lined up horizontally. The client can click on any one of the boxes, and in so doing, an image appears in the box, and by clicking a second time a second image appears, and a third time it goes back to blank. The client can have each box in a different state at any one time - e.g. box 1 has image1, box 2 has blank, box 3 has image2, box 4 has image1, etc. I’ve been looking for any solution that includes GO, HTML and Javascript, but I always reach a dead end. Any ideas???

Your description seems to boil down to the question, “How can I write an interactive Web application?”. I think websockets are the go-to approach for this. Here is a Gist to show the gist of this approach, and here is an introduction to websockets.

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