Need advice WEB and GUI

Hello, :sunglasses:
Already sorry for spelling I speak English badly.

I would like to have your opinions.

I just finished learning GO in different books and site, now I would like to go on the WEB and make GUI.

What do you advise me in WEB and which is easy to learn :
In micro-framework (IRIS GO, etc.) ?
Complete framework ?

What do you advise me in GUI, cross-platform and easy to use (QT, etc.) ?

To learn Web programming, Iโ€™d suggest not using any Web packages. Rather, start with net/http from the standard library. It is easy to write a small Web server with net/http, and you learn more from that than from using some Web framework.

I cannot comment on GUIโ€™s. There are a lot of them - browser based, Electron based, based on some native UI lib (Qt, wxWidgets,โ€ฆ) or on OpenGL, etc. etc., and to my knowledge, there is none that has become some kind of de-facto standard in the Go community.

You might want to have a look at the GUI section of awesome-go to get a first overview.

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Ok, thanks for taking the time to answer me and for all itโ€™s information, I will start with the net / http library and afterwards I would see later :sunglasses:

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