Names of unit tests (using gotests)

Hello everyone,

Are you using to generate table-based unit test skeletons, and if so, what naming convention do you use for your tests ?

I am talking about the field “name” in the auto generated tests struct slice:

tests := []struct {
    name           string
    fields         fields
    args           args
    wantExitStatus subcommands.ExitStatus

On running said tests, the output looks like this:

=== RUN   TestAPICmd_Execute
=== RUN   TestAPICmd_Execute/API_cmd_should_call_Server.Start()
--- PASS: TestAPICmd_Execute (0.52s)
--- PASS: TestAPICmd_Execute/API_cmd_should_call_Server.Start() (0.52s)

This is because I have set may name field to:

name: "API cmd should call Server.Start()"

Any advice ?

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