My universal code beautification tool

Hi guys! I am a programmer and researcher from China.

I just wrote a code beautifier tool (universal, suitable for all languages) and uploaded it to github:

Everything is described in the readme. Now I have released 1.0, you can download it and have a try.

Hope you will like it!

I don’t quite understand the benefit with Go since we have gofmt:

Gofmt formats Go programs. It uses tabs for indentation and blanks for alignment. Alignment assumes that an editor is using a fixed-width font.

As long as you’re using a fixed-width font everything lines up perfectly in my experience. And gofmt would overwrite whatever changes tabspace makes in most projects.

Well, unlike other languages, Go plugins for well known IDEs use gofmt after writing, saving and so on. Even if you use a custom formatter with an IDE or other, these tools will overrwrite your particular formatting. On the other hand, Go was written with readability in mind and this is why it is using its own formatting rules. From this reason it is also a matter of consistency to keep the same format for your programs.

“It uses tabs for indentation and blanks for alignment.” Maybe it is just the idea expressed in my readme?

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