My Golang Class "GPB"

Hello !
My name is Oleg. 37 years. I want to offer a class in golang. The problem is,
that I have a rather poor knowledge of English and I am not at all tech savvy
Git/github and others. I won’t do anything smarter than git clone.
I ask you to help put it on the Internet correctly, and write documentation.

Essence. There is a GPB class that collects any binary packages, with a preliminary
calculating the required amount of memory for the package.
You sequentially execute commands like
W8, W16, W32 and others (there are a lot of them). The first pass only counts the packet size.
The second pass, in which the memory is transferred and the packet size collects
actual package.
The package is read in the same way, only by functions of the form R*. Exceeding the boundaries of
the package is not allowed.

Can you help ? If I’m interested in you, I can throw off the tar’file with the class.


(machine translation from Russian)

Hi, Oleg,

Do you need help writing and/or uploading your class materials to Github?

I am also not sure what you mean by a “GPB class.” Is this code something that is “safe” (no issues with intellectual property, no passwords/keys, etc.) that you could upload to Github so that we can get a better idea of what you have so far and whatever issues you’re facing?

Получеловеческий/полумашинный перевод:

Вам нужна помощь в написании материалов вашего класса и/или загрузке файлов на Github?

Я также не уверен, что означает “GPB class.” Можно ли с уверенностью загрузить этот код на Github (без проблем с интеллектуальной собственностью или паролями/ключами)? Если вы сможете, то мы сможем прочитать код и лучше понять любие проблемы.

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