Multiple files in package main

Is it acceptable to have multiple files in package main?

Is it not a recommended practice and, if so, why?

Yes, absolutely ok. It is even acceptable to have subpackages in a package main for specific functionality if that proves necessary

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Strictly speaking there are no subpackages in Go.

For applications that are composed of multiple packages idiomatic directory structure usually looks like:

root/cmd/app (package main)

Check and for examples.

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You can have as many files as you want in a Go package. The only special thing about main package is that it will be compiled as executable binary, not .a file.

You can have n-number of files in any package like ‘main’, main is also a package in addition to it, its serves as entry point for binary execution i.e binary files execution starts from main.main(). i.e main package and main method.

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