Mongo : (Unauthorized) command insert requires authentication

Hi Team,

I have been trying to run my project on an AWS EC2 instance.
I have a Ubuntu instance, and on this, I tried using MongoDB as my database but as soon as I insert a document in it, it shows an error, not locally on my personal system but on this ubuntu.
Though it gets connected successfully.

I have used the official MongoDB driver.

“My connection string.”

clientOptions := options.Client().ApplyURI("mongodb://localhost:27017")


    The error :(Unauthorized) command insert requires authentication
    2020/03/12 16:08:40 HTTP: panic serving runtime error: invalid memory 
    address or nil pointer dereference

Help me with this, please.

Hi, @vashish, I don’t have enough information to test this out myself to determine the cause of the error, but based on the “…nil pointer dereference” message below the “(Unauthorized) …” error, I suggest you check the code where you’re running the insert for any nil pointers.

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