Modules problem with Go 1.11 beta 3

(Carl Caulkett) #1

macOS 10.13.6
Golang 1.11 beta 3

Hello, I’ve just found an intriguing library at Following the instructions, I typed the command go get Rather than copying new files under my src/ folder as I would expect, this resulted in the following folders being created…

Okay, clearly this is the “Modules” thing doing its thing, I thought.

So I then created a test go app, outside of my GOPATH, since this is allowed with “Modules”.

I put it in ~/code/go/test/govcl. I also created a .mod file by typing go mod init

This created a .mod file with the following contents…


However, when I try to build the app with go run main.go I get the following error message…

└─❱❱❱ go run main.go                                                                                                                             +913 11:04 ❰─┘
go: finding latest
go: import "": cannot find module providing package

I’ve checked and the folder go/pkg/mod/ is there. Do I need to amend my go.mod file to take account of the version information? I would have expected Go to take care of these kinds of details. It’s certainly not as painless as I would have hoped unless I’m missing something very obvious.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!