Modules and closed Subversion repos

The Go modules feature is supposed to support Subversion, but I haven’t found much documentation. To further complicate things, a) the Subversion repo is closed, and I’m not sure if automatic fetching will work and b) the application consists of several modules which are in development simultaneously, so there’s not much use in tags.

With the old GOPATH model, I’d just checkout the code and move/rename the directories so they fit in the GOPATH directory structure, then update various modules as needed.

Any suggestions / best practices for development with the following constraints:

  • Subversion “monorepo” where multiple projects are in the same repo. E.g. a path for the development “trunk” would be
  • Go projects are interdependant. Specifically there is a “library” project other projects use
  • Subversion repo access is closed, accessed with svn+ssh.

Does it even make sense to try to convert such a project to the modules approach?

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