Mobile Application using Go

I want to develop a cross platform mobile application using Go. I need suggestions on what resources to look at that is concise and detailed for a newbie.

This is a very broad question/topic. I’m assuming you’re not talking about building the cross-platform GUI using go, right? I would start by:

  • Learning how to build RESTful APIs using go.
  • Decide what technology you are going to use for your mobile dev. Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:
  • Build a proof of concept or two and see how you like different technologies.
  • Decide on your stack and go for it!

Along the way you will no doubt have questions. Come back and ask a more specific question and get more specific answers. Anyway, that’s my $.02 but maybe somebody else can chime in with something more specific to your scenario.

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Thanks Davidson

I am learning Golang at the moment, hence, thinking about some future projects, I am interested in knowing whether there’s a specific Go framework for mobile app development for both IOS and Andriod platforms.
If there isn’t one, then I’ll choose from the popular name in that aspect.


I’m new to Go too. I bookmarked this page for future reference, you might find it useful too: Mobile · golang/go Wiki · GitHub

Well, using something like React Native would for sure be the path of least resistance. That having been said, check out Also, there might be more in this list that could be of use.

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