Mkdir permission denied error

Hey all; Today is day 1 of the golang venture.

I’ve installed golang
I’ve installed the toolbelt

This is where I’m at;

mkdir /Users/account: permission denied


Hey @simonbeirouti,

It sounds like you are trying to create a directory in a location that you do not have adequate permissions for.

What command did you run and what are you trying to do?

If you are sure that you are doing the correct thing, you can try to add sudo in the front of your command and when prompted, put in your password and then there should be no problem creating the directory.

TO be honest I’m not sure. How can I find out?

Well what exactly are you trying to accomplish at the moment? What’s the end result meant to be here? :slight_smile:

By the way, if you are just trying to get up and running to simply learn Go, follow these 2 pages:

Getting Started and then How to Write Go Code.

If however, this is an issue specific to Heroku, you might be better off asking the question in a place that is specific to them…

Thanks for the reply!

So all I’m trying to do is push files into the folder that I’ve created via the terminal.

That’s the video I watched to get to this point and now I’m wanting to push projects into it.

Is this the right method?

Hey again @simbo,

I don’t really have time right now to watch that video, but really if all you are trying to do is just get set up so that you can start to learn how to program with Go, just follow along with the tutorials from the 2 links I posted above.

They are both really easy to follow and understand and will get you from no setup, to writing some simple example applications.

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