Minimize All WIndows

I want to minimize all windows (for Windows OS) using go.
In perl, this can be achived by simply importing the Win32::OLE module:

use Win32::OLE;

However I have so far not found a way to do this in go.
I appreciate any help

I don’t now how current this package is but maybe you can try:

I only work with Macs and Linux the last time I tried to interact with Windows over OLE was with Visual Basic 6 10 years ago…

There is also an example folder with some samples maybe you can figure it out?

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Norbert!

By looking at the function used with Perl, I did some
guesswork - and it turned out to be a very simple thing:

package main

import (
	ole ""

func main() {
	unknown, _ := oleutil.CreateObject("Shell.Application")
	shell, _ := unknown.QueryInterface(ole.IID_IDispatch)
	oleutil.CallMethod(shell, "MinimizeAll")

Again, thanks a lot

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