Minecraft Proxy: highly performant, extensible & scalable

Today, I want to present “Gate”, the extensible Minecraft proxy, to the Gophers that are part of the Minecraft community!

What Gate does

The whole point of a Minecraft proxy is to be able to
move players between servers without fully disconnecting them,
like switching the world but server-wise.

Therefore, Gate reads all packets sent between
players (Minecraft client) and servers (e.g. Minecraft spigot, paper, sponge, …),
logs state changes and emits different events that
custom plugins/code can react to.


  • Fast
  • Excellent server version support
    • Newest version down to 1.7 (+forge support)
    • Bungeecord plugins compatible (plugin messages)
    • Velocity’s player forwarding mode
  • Quick installation
    • simply pick a download from the releases
    • or quickly run our docker image!
      • docker run -it --rm -p 25565:25565 registry.gitlab.com/minekube/gate:latest
  • A simple API to extend Gate
  • Built-in rate limiter
  • Automatic server icon resizing to 64x64
  • Benefits from Go’s awesome language features
    • simple, reliable, efficient

…refer to the GitHub page for more information!!

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