Microservices in golang

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I want to learn about microservices in golang please guide me where to start and if you have resources (links) thenn please share
Thanks in advance

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Even though there’s micro in the name this subject is pretty wide. I’ve been studying this lately myself. There are some great talks about micro-services on Youtube from various convention speakers.

I think the most important things to note about micro services in general is that:

  1. each service should be autonomous ( have it’s own means of completing its job without going to the outside world for it )
  2. your services should register with some form of load balancer/service discovery scheme, be it a client side or server side implementation.
  3. your services need to communicate ( many different ways of structuring messaging systems for them exist )

Cloud hosts like Google Cloud and AWS usually provide mechanisms for server side service discovery that can stream line those admin tasks for you.

I have been looking at gRPC specifically, here is the link to the Golang getting started: https://grpc.io/docs/quickstart/go.html

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Thank you so much for your time
I am working on a final year project for my university and i am working on matching engine component here i need microservice that will match the incoming orders with existing orders
I am advised to make a microservice of that engine and here i have zero knowledge of this topic so i need concise and quick knowledge about i searched it on internet as you said it is “Pretty wide” subject so i am confused where to start

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