Merge two maps with each other using the same keys

Hello, I do not understand why it does not work, I have two maps with the same keys but different values, I need to combine the values of the two maps in an array of structures with matching keys

var mapValues1= map[int64]*typestruct1{1: &typestruct1{"value1", "value2"}, 2: &typestruct1{"value3", "value4"}, 3: &typestruct1{"value5", "value6"}}
var mapValues2= map[int64]*typestruct2{1: &typestruct2{"value7", "value8"} 2: &typestruct2{"value9", "value10"} ,3: &typestruct2{"value11", "value12"}}

type mergeStruct struct {
   mgstruct1 *typestruct1
   mgstruct2 *typestruct2

I need to get an array of structures of combined values from the map with the same keys

func mergeFunc() []*mergeStruct{

for kv, v := range typestruct1 {
val := lookUpValue(kv)
mgs = append(mgs, &mergeStruct{v, val})

return mgs

func lookUpValue(k int64, mv map[int64]*typestruct2) *typeStruct2 {
  _, ok := mv[k]
  if ok {
	  n := mv[k]
	  return n
  } else {
	  return nil

But it doesn’t work that way, the values are not matched and everything is jumbled, please tell me some other way

There are some typos in your code.
Check Go Playground - The Go Programming Language

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