Memory usage when reading large files

I’m reading a file from disk(~570 MB) using NewScanner() function from bufio package and appending lines returned by Text() to a string slice. I wanted to see the memory consumption of my program so I ran the top command in linux and to my surprise the resident memory taken by my code hovers around 950MB-1GB. I understand that since I’ve read the contents of the whole file into a string slice, the compiler has to allocate memory equal to that of the file to hold the contents in RAM, but where has the additional ~400MB memory gone to?
My function-

This is probably how slices grow. But that’s just an assumption, also this could be because some stuff not yet collected by the GC.

If you know in advance the number of lines, try to set the initial capacity of your slice, perhaps that helps?

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Memory usage when reading large files
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Huh… That is very odd :slight_smile:

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